Driving enterprise social with Yammer for Office 365

The modern workforce, with employees more often telecommuting and working across different time zones, can present challenges to effective collaboration and communication.  This can manifest into a decrease in employee productivity and an increase in frustration. Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer have joined forces to create an integrated solution that will open up lines of communication and vastly increase collaborative efforts.

For Microsoft partners looking to demonstrate additional value to their existing or potential Office 365 customers, Yammer offers a premier enterprise social networking service that can help companies to connect and collaborate in a modern way. When teamed with the Office 365 suite, the Yammer integration offers a smarter and faster way to bring colleagues together while facilitate sharing and discussion.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of this solution that can help position it to potential customers:

A fully connected experience

Thinking like an individual is great on a personal level, but can become problematic when it comes to the success of a business. Yammer for Office 365 promotes global thinking with tools that allow people to easily share information and ideas. Office 365 apps like SharePoint, Delve, and Skype Meeting Broadcast give teams the ability to discuss content in Yammer without leaving the app. Having the ability to share items and facilitate discussion from any device in a secure environment brings engagement to the next level.

Documentation collaboration

Yammer for Office 365 makes teaming easy with real-time document collaboration. This feature allows teams to share thoughts and ideas on items while they are actively in progress, creating a forum-like floor much like popular social media outlets for open discussion and collaboration. It also provides the ability to co-author documents, meaning that two co-workers can simultaneously edit the same document, no matter their location or device. The automatic save feature syncs all documents in real-time, so there’s never a worry about losing changes or working from an old version.

Intelligent insights

Yammer’s “discovery feed” helps users stay on top of what matters most while letting them tap into personalized sources of knowledge. This means they will always know how to find the right people and tools to help them make the best decisions and gain broader perspective. Having central access to company-wide resources creates endless possibilities for spontaneous innovation and collaboration.

Learn more

Yammer for Office 365 is the easiest way to help companies get and stay connected in order to collaborate more effectively. To learn more about Yammer and find helpful resources to educate your customers on its benefits, check out Microsoft’s partner resources here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/yammer.

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