At Cadence Preferred, we offer our clients innovative marketing services that blend the power of creative thinking with cutting-edge marketing technologies and the seasoned experience of our talented consultants.


At the core of everything we do is CONTENT. Our team of specialized wordsmiths, designers, and strategists develop content and solutions that help our clients effectively communicate value and engage their audiences in meaningful ways. From sales collateral and digital campaigns, to videos and development workshops, you can expect dynamic content and strategies that drive your business forward.


Cadence Preferred Team




Brent Johnson

Over the course of nine years at Microsoft, Brent held the roles of Director of Marketing, Group Manager for Developer and ISV Marketing, and Lead for Channel Marketing for Microsoft Office. Brent was also a Sr. Director of Marketing for Since 2006, Brent has been an integral contributor to the success of Cadence Preferred, where he continues to work on numerous projects for Microsoft, Adobe, and many other clients.

Tim Cooke

Tim has been in the training and marketing development industry since 2004 and was a corporate trainer in years prior. He has used his experience to serve a roster of technology clients including Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, AMD, Isilon, AT&T, HP and more. Two passions at work drive Tim: finding new customers and serving those customers.

Alan Maier

During his seven years at Microsoft, Alan experienced the need to have high quality marketing suppliers who understood the complex needs of the organization. As a result, Alan founded Cadence Preferred as a premier marketing services firm focused on high-tech clients. Prior to Microsoft, Alan was a Sr. Consultant to Dell, HP and Fujitsu, and also spent six years at MCI Worldcom.

Kerry Kane

Kerry has an extensive background in consulting and management for healthcare, technology, and internet companies like Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, Genentech, Abbott Labs, and many more. Kerry effectively implements strategies that drive revenue and performance. He is an avid entrepreneur and has launched several startups including Portfolio Dashboards and TruckersDispatch.