Microsoft partners with Cadence Preferred to perform a website audit of Azure Load Balancer online documentation

The team performs audit, provides recommendations, and implements approved suggestions to improve the user experience

website audit
website audit implementation

Azure Load Balancer helps cloud developers provide high availability and improved network performance to applications. Developers and business decision makers rely on the website to implement or learn about this feature. As a result of contributions by several authors and redirects to multiple pages, the site was challenging to use. Consequently, the Microsoft team wanted to reorganize the content so it was easier to consume. Thus, they reached out to Cadence Preferred for help. Our team audited the site, noting what worked well and what could be improved.

We approached the website in two ways. First, we viewed it as if we were IT professionals seeking information. Then, we viewed it as if we were developers looking for implementation guidance. Our report offered graphical, textual, and design improvements, which we worked with the Microsoft team to implement. The end result? A website that was much easier to navigate, providing a valuable resource to users rather than additional confusion.