the cover slide for the sales training deck

Microsoft teams up with Cadence Preferred to create comprehensive sales training

The team builds several video presentations to support Microsoft PPM sellers

the agenda for the sales training deck

Since the Microsoft Office suite shifted to the cloud as Office 365, other Microsoft software programs are following suit. One of these applications is Microsoft Project, Microsoft’s premier project management software for decades.

For Project’s transition to Project Online, Microsoft sought new sales training materials to inform sales teams of the value of the cloud-based version.  The team turned to Cadence Preferred for a comprehensive set of sales training videos for the new Project SKUs.

An education in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

Armed with a multitude of decks, our team learned about the various versions and features of Project, and drilled into the value of Project Online. We outlined a set of modules that would make up the course, and created a rough draft from existing slides and placeholders. We submitted this to the team for review and feedback.

an SKU comparison from the deck

An evolutionary process

The deck evolved as each reviewer provided input. In addition to the product marketing team, subject matter experts and experienced sales managers also reviewed the content and suggested edits. Even the product itself changed during the creation process as SKUs were modified and renamed. We worked our way through the edits, refining as we went. Finally, we scripted each slide and sent to our designers who polished the visuals to best convey the key messages.

exploring the benefits of PPM
PPM in industries

Delivering the final video

Once content was approved by all, we took the final steps to complete the project. We created videos, gathered supporting resources and submitted all content for publishing on two internal portals. The positive response to the training course drove a request for three follow-up videos focusing on specific steps in the sales process. These videos are also published on an internal training site.