Five must-have tips for emails that get opened

Despite the growth of social, video, and other digital marketing channels, more than 59 percent of businesses still identify email as the most effective marketing channel for their brand.1 The necessity of email marketing is only expected to increase as distrust in social media grows and buyers demand more personal, authentic, 1:1 connections. While it may seem simple to craft and send a basic email pitching your product or service, ensuring your email actually gets opened and read is a whole different ballgame. The typical B2B buyer is bombarded with hundreds of emails in their inbox every day, making it difficult to actually stand out against the noise and capture their attention enough to get them clicking. There are, however, some proven tactics that can help boost your open rates and improve the success of your campaigns.

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Demand Generation Strategies That Drive Results

So you want to grow your business, sell a new product or service, or just drive additional revenue – but where do you start? In today’s competitive, saturated market it can be difficult to cut through the white noise and effectively engage your prospective customers while providing a measurable return on investment (ROI). There are a variety of demand generation strategies that can help companies to do just that, yet it is key to find the right approach for your particular audience that both supports your brand’s goals and is something that you can commit to maintaining. Demand gen takes time and effort, and there is no point in jumping headfirst into strategy that you can’t keep up with or dedicate the appropriate time and resources to.

It is also essential to first spend some time identifying your target buyer personas and segments, as well as understanding their unique pain points and needs, which will allow more tailored messaging and amplify the impact of your campaigns. With a little effort, implementing a successful, targeted demand gen strategy can not only increase your overall brand awareness, but help to drive better qualified leads that are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling.

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