Why run a drip email campaign?

Part of the joy in building and running any business is the process of finding and developing a loyal customer base. If it were as easy as finding someone who instantly wanted your products or services, everyone would be a business owner. The reality is that most potential customers are not ready to purchase from you the first time you make contact with them. It is critical that you stay engaged with potential customers until such a time as they are ready to make a purchase.

A great solution to this is through the use of drip email campaigns. A drip email campaign involves sending out a series of emails, over a period of time, to gradually introduce potential customers to your offerings. The ongoing engagement with these customers will gradually develop in them an awareness of what you can provide, as well as a greater degree of trust and loyalty in you.

Who are Drip Email Campaigns For?

Drip email campaigns are not only for engaging potential customers, but can be used to re-engage former customers, and continue to engage and retain existing loyal customers. A few examples of content for existing customers include ideas for better utilizing or applying products or services they previously purchased from you, to inform them of updates to the products they are using, or to point them to useful information they can apply in their personal or professional life. Use drip email campaigns to share good news and helpful information.

For potential customers, send a series of emails showing case studies of how customers similar to them have applied technology, offers you are providing that they may be interested in, or suggestions and ideas on things they should consider doing to improve their bottom line. It’s good to develop friends before you need friends.

It’s Easier Than You Think

If you can carry on a conversation with a friend, you can operate a successful drip email campaign. There are many resources available online, but remember that what your current and future customers want are ideas to improve their business and their lives. Build your content plan today, and get started.