Microsoft taps Cadence Preferred to create marketing assets and an internal contest promoting a Hackfest

The team collaborates on Hackfest and contest process to create contest assets and supporting materials

part of the Hackfest contest materials

In an effort to increase Microsoft Azure consumption, Microsoft asked Cadence Preferred to create an internal contest. The purpose of this contest would be to inspire Microsoft sales teams. Centered around a Hackfest, the contest aimed to provide extra motivation to achieve sales goals. First, we strategized around the Hackfest — an opportunity for developers to dive deep into a single project over the course of a few days and come away with a working application prototype. Next, we determined the best way to communicate and promote the program in order to spread the word about the contest. This was important from a marketing perspective.

As we mapped the contest milestones and customer journey through the Hackfest, we identified areas where content was needed. Ultimately, we created datasheets, an FAQ, web copy, and emails for both sales personnel and customers. In conclusion, Microsoft launched the contest and had multiple nominees within the first week. Ease of deployment and a chance to win spurred strong participation from account representatives, which benefits customers too.