The Microsoft-HPE alliance brings Cadence Preferred into the fold

Cadence Preferred supports communications and events for the partnership with HPE

a deck built for marketing strategy

Microsoft and HPE recently formed a partnership based on their hybrid cloud offerings, which meant that they needed to get the word out to their customers and partners. Because they were in need of a strong marketing strategy and accompanying content, Microsoft reached out to Cadence Preferred. First, we brainstormed with Microsoft representatives to develop marketing plans and plot out the content that we would be creating. Much of the work we did came in the form of internal and external communications. We created informative emails and other materials to send out to customers, partners, and Microsoft and HPE employees.

Additionally, we were heavily involved in event management for major events such as HPE Discover London 2016. In preparation for these events, we assembled decks and presentations, as well as regular communicative materials that would keep everyone involved up to date. We even had one of our Cadence Preferred professionals fly out to London personally to ensure several sessions ran smoothly. As a result of our success with the Microsoft-HPE alliance, we continue to work on projects related to this initiative.