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Microsoft calls on Cadence Preferred to showcase the benefits of Visual Studio

The team creates event-in-a-box content packages to support Microsoft partners

Visual Studio Everywhere slides

As innovators in the tech industry, Microsoft wants to keep its partners informed about new product features. This way, they are able to keep their customers up to date. For partners whose main customer base is developers, keeping them apprised of the latest in Visual Studio is top priority.

Because many modern developers are plowing headfirst into the world of mobile- and cloud-based development, Microsoft conceived of the Visual Studio Everywhere program, a series of workshops intended to inform developers on how Visual Studio could benefit them in these areas. To help create materials for these content packages, Microsoft brought in Cadence Preferred due to our expertise.

The four different content packages

Visual Studio Everywhere is a comprehensive program comprised of four separate tracks, each with its own unique learning objective:

  • Increase Development Productivity
  • Streamline Application Delivery
  • Build Great Cloud Apps
  • Build Great Mobile Apps

Microsoft and Cadence joined forces to create content packages for each track so partners could inform developers and other potential customers. Each package includes an email template, a hands-on facilitation guide, a presentation, and a demo. Furthermore, an execution guide provides partners high-level guidance on setting up an event.

agenda for Visual Studio Everywhere deck

Creating the materials

Our content specialists worked with subject matter experts to compose accurate training information for each event. We further supported this with writing, comprehensive editing, design work, and packaging. In addition to organizing the content for optimal presentation and practice, our specialists provided step-by-step instructions to the partner to make hosting an event seamless. Furthermore, a facilitation guide offered a process to guide the day of the workshop. All necessary content from invitation to product demo was provided in a single location easy for partners to access. Once a venue is secured, the partner invites his customers to a Visual Studio Everywhere workshop and presents the content according to the guide.

Summarizing with an execution guide

Finally, our writers created a handy execution guide, which provided partners with an overview of all four content packages so they could make the best choice of program for their customers. The guide includes a chart to help partners determine which track is best for specific scenarios. As a result, they and their customers can get the most out of the Visual Studio Everywhere program.

email template for content packages