Delve into a lesser-known feature of Office 365

We’ve all been there. Those frustrating moments when you know you’ve seen some information but just can’t remember where, or when you can’t recall a recent contact’s name, or have forgotten where a colleague has placed a critical file for a joint project. As maddening as this can be, one of the lesser-known features of Microsoft Office 365 can help with situations like these – not only saving your sanity, but considerable time and effort as well. Delve provides intelligent discovery of the information, people, and files that are the most relevant and interesting to each user, and proves to be yet another value-add selling feature of Office 365.

How Does It Work?

Basically, any documents or information held within a user’s Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, or Yammer are searchable by Delve in those all-to-familiar forgetful moments. It’s as easy as clicking on someone’s name or picture anywhere in Delve to instantly learn more about them based on publicly available information, or discovering which documents they are working on. Similarly, users can leverage the feature to find documents, contacts, or other items using just partial names or identifying components, and Delve will be able to search for and, in most cases, locate it for them.

Keeping It Relevant!

Delve creates a unique and intuitive Office 365 experience specifically with each individual user in mind. It knows which documents have been shared with a user through email, which documents they have created or have been granted access to, Yammer references they have made or others have made about them, and what is accessed most frequently. Items can even be pinned to a “Favorites” list to help quickly locate and work on them in the future. The engine behind it all is Office Graph. The longer it is used and more frequently that colleagues coordinate or collaborate within Office 365 apps, the more information Office Graph can collect to continuously improve the discovery process and make Delve even more useful and efficient.

This is just scratching the surface of what Delve is capable of and how it can benefit Office 365 customers. To learn more, visit the Microsoft Office Delve webpage, here.