Cloud modernization simplified: selling the Azure cloud with just four simple words

The landscape of modern business has become increasingly digitized and data-centric—and it only continues to advance by the day. This raises the stakes for companies to operate on more complex, agile computing environments, making it essential for organizations to modernize their infrastructures in order to stay competitive in this evolving landscape. With the unprecedented demand for businesses to obtain, store, and secure their data, the traditional on-premises infrastructure is quickly becoming a thing of the past, requiring a more modern, scalable, and flexible infrastructure like the Microsoft Azure cloud provides.

By now, most organizations realize the need for modernization, yet many still feel overwhelmed by the cloud, what it takes to get there, and which one to choose. When people are already overwhelmed or confused by options and information, giving them even more to ingest likely won’t help them make a decision. By instead focusing in on just a few key concepts and benefits of the Azure cloud, you can help simplify the decision for your customers.

Why Azure is the S.A.F.E. choice

With just four words—Scalability, Agility, Flexibility, and Efficiency—you can demonstrate to your customers why the Azure cloud is the S.A.F.E. choice for modernizing their infrastructure.

  • Scalability—No one enjoys spending money on things they don’t use, and with Azure’s industry-leading scalability feature, those days are over. When data processing and intake grows or shrinks, Azure provides the ability to scale on demand. This gives your customers control over cloud performance and allows them to stay within their ideal budgets. Think of on-demand scaling as a belt—they can loosen or tighten restrictions as they go.
  • Agility—Change can be a scary, especially when it comes to business operations and technology. Azure’s legacy mainframe feature lets your customers access modernized versions of the applications and tools that are vital to their business without having to sacrifice functionality, security, or compliance.
  • Flexibility—Long gone are the days of having to always work on-site at the office. With today’s on-the-go workforce, employees need the ability to operate from anywhere and at any time. Azure makes that possible by providing the ability to access and share information through multiple devices and applications. Azure puts productivity in your customers’ hands whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Efficiency—One of the key advantages of modernizing with Azure is making daily and long-term business operations more efficient. Azure helps to automate processes that will save your customers both time and money, while also allowing them complete control over the creation and management of those automations.

Leveraging this simplified messaging to quickly convey the value of Azure to a customer who’s still on the fence about the cloud may just make all the difference in helping you close an elusive sale.

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