Microsoft calls on Cadence Preferred for SQL Server 2016 sales materials

The team builds a content package to showcase the features of SQL Server 2016

slide from SQL Server 2016 sales materials

Upon the release of SQL Server 2016, Microsoft wanted to find ways to present the service’s newest and most important features. Primarily, they aimed to target potential customers working with legacy versions such as SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012. They worked with partners to host events where customers could sign up for a personal data infrastructure assessment. Thus, they called upon Cadence Preferred to create the event presentation and all supporting materials.

First, we created the presentation. We sifted through all of the source materials that Microsoft could provide for us and incorporated our own original content, to share the story with potential customers as to why they should upgrade to SQL Server 2016. After completing the deck and script, we created supporting materials including invitations, event handout, follow-up emails, and internal tracking documents. Lastly, we organized a facilitation guide that walked partners through the various materials and how to use them.